The Gift of Choice

Whether you want to reward your staff, incentivise your loyal customers, or even treat a client, Gifted for Business allows you to gift them the freedom to choose.
The perfect gift, every time.
Our range of merchants include some of the biggest fashion retailers, cafes and restaurants, hotels, entertainment brands, supermarkets and more… so there’s something for everyone. For every occasion. All in ONE place!

Oh, and with Gifted for Business there are no lost cards, hidden fees, and you can send Gift Cards in bulk.
Win boss of the year! Gifted for Business is a great way to say well done, thank you or even congratulate your staff on a job well done.
Single brand card or theme card, it’s the perfect option for anyone. Hard to choose? We make it simple with Gifted Plus, the all-in-one Gift Card.
Drive customer engagement and promote your brand when you incentivise and reward loyal customers in-store and online.
Deliver contactless experiences where anyone can receive, browse, and shop all from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Purchase in three easy steps


Select delivery of your Gift Card via a printable PDF.


Customise your PDF with a personal message. 


Choose amount, order quantity, and pay!

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase between 1-1,000 Gift Cards per single order.

You can now send your Gift Card via a printable PDF. Customise it with a personal message and share digitally or physically.

Your Gift Cards can be delivered how you want and when you want. You choose!

At the point of making your order via the website, you can choose to pay upfront or by invoice which allows you the flexibility to make the payment within 30 days. 

We will begin to process your order upon receipt of your request. So make sure to add in all of the relevant information while submitting your order! 

Note: Gifted offers a wide range of payment methods from credit cards to more localized payments. options. 

Gifted Corporate/Business cards can be personalised with a custom message for the recipients.  

Please reach out to Gifted Support to learn more.

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